Mindfulness, Meditation and Stress Management

Small group workshop

“Morning Cup of Sanity”

Charge is €15,- drop in for the morning or €50,- for the whole program (4 meetings)

Day 1:Pet hamster holding a blank white sign on a stick as an advertising and marketing concept with a cute mouse like mammal with a smile communicating an important Veterinary or Veterinarian related message.

  • What is stress and where is it’s source
  • Stress coping techniques and how to replace unhealthy strategies

Day 2:

D2 - ready for this

  • Dealing with predictable stressful situations
  • Shifting the energy

DATE CHANGE: Please note there will be no workshop on June 6th. Both days topics will be covered on June 20th.

Day 3:

D3 - paper people

  • Human contact and connection
  • Me time, fun and relaxation

Day 4:D4 - time

  • Time management do’s and don’ts
  • Maintaining a healthy and balanced you


My personal promise :

I will share information I have gained over the years and my personal experience. While I might refer to certain approaches or products I will not be selling or promoting a purchase of other products or services.

I will be encouraging you to reach within yourself and find tactics and solutions that fit both your personality and situation. Even though participants will be encouraged to explore their personal boundaries I will not be overly challenging their willingness to move out of their comfort zone.

I will be asking all participants to pick a specific area, tool or approach at the end of each meeting. These are then to be put in practice over the following days while observing and noting the effects. Though it would be beneficial for the growth and learning process to attend the full set of four meetings I will not be requiring that. Each day is thought out in a way that it also works as an individual mini workshop.

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