Jana Weldon

Stopin4tea HQ – Shankill, Co. Dublin

Phone: 085 1085 868

Email: stopin4tea@gmail.com


Treatment Sessions take place at “My Yoga Body”studio, Ardeen House, Marine Terrace, Dun Laoghaire, co. Dublin

For location of events and meetups please check here.

4 Responses to Where

  1. Marcella says:

    Your website is fine!

  2. Lainey Ennis says:

    Really like your website. please put me on your mailing list, thank you. Lainey.

  3. Aileen Moon says:

    Hi Jana,

    I was looking for social groups online and came across this lovely idea! I’m contacting you because we’re currently sending out information about our annual national event, Ireland’s Biggest Coffee Morning (obviously you are ‘tea people’ but you’re hopefully not too strict!). Could you send me on an email and/or postal address to which I could send some information?

    Many thanks,

    Aileen Moon
    Fundraising and Communications Assistant, Our Lady’s Hospice

    • jana says:

      Hello Aileen.
      I am truly sorry for such a late acknowledgement of your post on the Stopin4tea website. There has been so much spam coming in, that your post got lost in the flood and I’m only after finding it now.
      Please do keep me posted on any upcoming coffee mornings (we drink both ;-D )
      Wishing you all the best in your work.
      Kind regards

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