• About Jana

    meTell us a little bit about you, Jana : “I like vanilla ice cream, am a fan of Elvis Presley and would love a pet donkey.”

    Ok, maybe a little bit more : “I was born in the Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia) and lived there a good part of my life. Spent a few years surviving primary school; in and out of a number of secondary schools and partied through my collage years. I’ve been living in Ireland since 2001 and am actually loving the weather. Most of my young adult life has been spent travelling and swapping job descriptions such as theatre acting, dance, interpreting, youth work, marketing, teaching and catering to name but a few. And through this seemingly incoherent medley I managed to find a true gift – an ability to bring like-minded people together and aid them in co-creating beautiful things. A match maker in the non-romantic meaning of the term sort of speaks.” Jana goes on to share: “Throughout my life I’ve been searching for a fulfilling vocation and have confronted numerous inspiring fields of work. Then a number of years ago I had the chance to interact with the energy, light and information facilitated by Reconnective Healing. I now feel comfortable in suspending my search and spending time working with this fascinating phenomenon. Through working with the Reconnective Healing, my life has taken on a course that is exciting, fulfilling and most of all – feels right to me. All seams to come naturally and with vast abundance.”

    Is there a reason you chose to settle in Ireland? “That’s a forever unanswered question. Maybe Ireland chose me… I don’t know. What I do know is that it feels right to be here at the moment. It’s not that I am unfaithful to my roots, but I must have been born with a pair of travel boots on me. I always loved to travel and felt at home in many places. As I now have a family I appreciate the challenges parenting in another culture brings, so I dedicate a portion of my time and energy to managing and organising events for Multilingual Families with a current focus on Czech and Slovak me2ex-pats.”

    Jana has been working as a Reconnective Healing practitioner since 2010 and started up her business ‘Stop in 4 tea’ the following year. Since then she has added Aroma Touch and the Akashic Records reading to her tool kit and facilitates a selection of meeting and events involving holistic practices and mindfulness.


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