A Reconnective Healing Session

What does a Reconnective Healing session involve?

The client is asked to lie on a massage table wearing comfortable clothes, to close their eyes and simply observe. Sessions are generally an hour long with 30 to 45 minutes energy work. Clients may experience a variety of physical sensations and many report “transsencory” experiences or sensations that transcend the realm of the basic five senses. Because these frequencies are entrained from person to person, they are initiated during the session and continue working with the individual long after it has ended. Unlike some ongoing traditional therapies, it is recommended to consider up to three Reconnective Healing sessions and allow the healing to unfold.

How to schedule an appointment

Sessions are  available on appointment in the greater area of South Dublin and North Wicklow.

If for some reason you are unable to commute, I may be able to travel to you to facilitate a session.

You may also be interested in scheduling a distant healing session, which is also available on appointment and enables you to experience Reconnective Healing in the comfort of your home or wherever you may be.

A session is €55,-

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