2oz of Apple drops and Eating paper

apple drops

Have you ever wondered what that feeling is that comes like a flash while you’re taking a walk down memory lane?

The same ole park and the same narrow street, the old pavement under my feet. Yet the way the sound carries and sunlight falls on the ground feels just that little bit different. The fresh cut grass has a unique sweetness to it today and the birds are singing an all too familiar song.

Are you comin’ to the shops? I’ve only 35p today. I wanna get apple drops, but I’ll get you a Mr.Freeze if I’ve something left over.”

I feel a wave rise through my body that opens up like an eruption inside my chest. Walking down the same rocky path I am nine all over again. Dandelions and butter cups are calling out to me from beside the old stone wall.

We’re gonna make a daisy chain later. Like a super long one. Barry’s neighbour never mows the lawn in their back yard and they’ve got these really tall daisies there. If we ring the door bell and distract the old fella we can climb in over the back wall and get some. We’re going to send a picture in to the Guinnes Book of Records and win something.”

The sun dazzles my eyes and I catch myself smiling. I can’t remember making a daisy chain since. I come to a fork in the path. That mossy rock by the pine trees seemed bigger last time I sat on it. I pause to pick a dandelion clock and blow its seeds far and wide.

Did you make a wish?”

My eyes follow the floating little parachutes and I daze in to the distance. There’s that feeling again. This time it rises all the way up to my throath and my whole chest quivers. My smile changes its shape and a tear rolls down my cheek.

A part of me is here now and part of me is here then. Inside me both parts meet and for a moment I feel whole, connected and one with all. And then the moment passes and another tear joins the first one as I drop back in to my physical body and a world of limitations.

Our perception of linear time allows us to experience separation and our physical existence enables us to explore it. Yet I believe it is these moments of connection that resemble death in it’s true form. Death being the gateway to endless spirit connection.

So as I grieve these joyful memories I also relish in their existence at the same time. It is a bitter sweet time travel experience encouraging me to never let an opportunity of creating these key connection points slip by.

I vow to keep creating these imprints within my life like scattered time vortexes and visit them at will.

Especially on sunny days.

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