Own Your Super Power

I’ve challenged myself recently to merely observe and listen as my friend shared some observations of what I do and expressed her appreciation of them mentioning also that they are not just ordinary everyday things one does. I must say I was taken aback and considerably out of my comfort zone listening to what I’d consider natural, average and “all in a days work” kinda stuff being lifted up and valued as not just out of the ordinary but rather a “Super Power”.

In earlier years I’ve caught myself dismissing thanks or praise by a simple: “oh it’s nothing” and “sure it’s only xyz” or “anyone would do the same”. I have since stopped doing that as I have witnessed how this kind of dismissal feels from the other side. To acknowledge someone for what they did and thank them is a gift. For someone to reject that appreciation means rejecting a gift. One could call that rude, full and disrespectful.

So I stopped. I learned to accept peoples gratitude and acknowledgement with grace. It has taken me a while to learn this new skill, but has been rewarded by a new feeling of connection, self worth and value.

This time the process was a step up from what I’ve allready done. This wasn’t just a simple thank you for what I had done for someone. This was an acknowlegement of something I do on an everyday basis without thinking anything of it and not realising it is preceived by another sole as a noticeble achievement and an asset.

So what you consider as ordinary another can see as being extraordinary. This is what I call being faced with your own Super Power.


So OK, maybe you can’t exactly fly, freeze things by pointing your finger at them or lift busses off a crumbling road. But what if what you do is keep a calm and decisive in a franctic situation that inspires another person. What if you have the ability to manage large groups, stop whatever you’re doing and lend a listening ear to someone who needs it or bake a delicious apple pie?

Yes, all of us ar not gifted by the same tallents, but to most of us certain actions come more easy than others. We get enjoyment from a variety of things. And that seams to be another popular myth – if it’s meant ot be good, meaningfull and/or valuable it needs to be hard work. It might not always be plain sailing by all means, but I do think it’s time to drop the whole “no pain, no gain” attitude. Your super powers can be enjoyable as well as challenging 😉 They are gifts and it is your responsibility to acknowlege them, claim them as your own and brring them forth to inspire the world.

So I thanked my friend for taking the time and caring enough to acknowledge and appreciate these gifts of mine. I thanked her of the insight and new found value she created with her kind acknowledgement and for challenging me to claim and own my very own Super Power.

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