You’re PERFECT !

you're perfect

No seriously, stop! And have a cup of tea perhaps.

Whatever it is you have come up with to complain about is just an excuse to not love yourself. For every one reason you find to give out about there are at least three to be thankful for.

Tough love you say? Maybe. Perhaps I got tired of all the different ways we are being sold to under the illusion of “a better future”, “a happier you”, “a nicer home”, “a healthier body” and the list goes on. This is it people – wake up! Quit focusing on attaining the next bigger, brighter, fluffier, shinier, more colourful, less wide, more tall, … whatever it is and make a choice. One choice : TO LOVE. Cause right now is all you have and all you will ever need. While you wait for that vision you hold to come about your time spent with it is getting shorter. Love yourself NOW. It’s the journey, not the destination we are here for, so let’s make the most of it. Now is the best time – it’s not too late or too early. It’s just what it is >now<.

Do yourself (and all of us having to listen to your complaints) a favour: Take a deep breath, close your eyes, give yourself a hug and say to yourself ‘I love you’. Make sure you repeat it again, ’cause you might have not heard yourself the first time. Say is in a different voice, louder, quieter, more gentle. And then? Make yourself a cuppa. You deserve it.

You’ve just started a journey of loving yourself. That is all you’ll ever need. Once you love yourself you will automatically see things differently. You will want the best for you. You will want to live your dream and true purpose and you will do it no later than right now. If you come from this place of love all your decisions will be easier. And when in doubt – rinse and repeat.

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