Frustrated Creator

frustrated god

… that frustration that comes just after you have completed a job …

You know, you set out to be productive a tackle a bunch of lose ends around the house say. Hours of tedious work, many tweaks, changes and adjustments. Eventually you proudly look at your accomplishments with satisfaction. Then your gaze shifts to the item right next to it. The one that has up to about a minute ago been absolutely fine but is now boldly staring back at you in total tatters through no fault of your own.

A sense of bewilderment promptly plummets in to a bottomless pit of hopelessness opening up inside of you. The frustration of constantly scrabbling with a never ending job list slaps you around the face. You feel like screaming, growling and crying all at the same time. The questioning of Who? Why? When? is totally pointless, ’cause you know that in the end it will be you making it right again.

And so instead of finding the culprit and venting these feelings in their direction you choose to just take a deep breath and walk away. (Sure it’s not like it’s gonna mend itself in the mean time.)

I do wonder though. Could this be how God felt on the 8th day? You know after he made all the stuff and then rested on the 7th day. I take it he came back the day after that, looked around and saw the state of the place after we were left alone for the day and said something like: “Ah, kids. Always up to something. What to you do. Let me fix this for you.” Then while he grapples with some gardening, soaks up a few oil spills and gives the polar bears a bath there is pure mayhem taking place behind his back.

There, that’s sorted now” he straightens his back and smiles at his creation for a moment. Just for a moment that is. Because as he slowly turns around a whole new array of ready made hazards and disasters waiting to happen is revealed.

Sure he can be omnipresent, but is omni-patience a part of his job description too?

And could this be the reason we are where we are at the moment and why no day eight, nine or ten of the creation ever took place?

Or did it? We were just quietly uninvited from the party…

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